About Matty Collins


I completed a degree in Games and Interactivity (Arts) in 2010, with subjects scattered across the history of media in Australia, 3D modeling and animation, game design, and web development. I have dabbled in web for a long time, starting with table layouts and Frontpage and like most people, I got into web because my band needed a website. But I really took to it after learning about semantics and what you can do with CSS.


I started out as a wee front-end developer at Mintleaf Studio stumbling around a CMS I had never used and editing CSS I barely understood. I quickly weaseled my way up to lead developer on some large projects and became lead of mobile development as well as being the go-to guy for accessibility.

From there I became part of the Soul Digital family where I was exposed to all aspects of web development. I was able to branch out of front end development and dabble in PHP, use git at a professional level and learn about deployment techniques. Our time together was short but extremely enjoyable.

Earlier this year I started a new role at isobar’s Melbourne studio as, you guessed it, a front end developer!


I am a gamer (hence the degree) and nothing much can compare with online FPS’s like Battlefield. I have an Xbox controller hooked up for action / adventure games (Assassins Creed, Darksiders). We recently moved house to which I found my old N64 in a box complete with working controllers, Zelda, Goldeneye, Mario and Mario Kart, awesome.

I also play bass guitar, not as much as I’d like to these days but I still enjoy a good session.