Recent Posts

  1. Oct 28 2014
    This is !normal

    It took over a year and a lot of help from some close friends to realise that my job was making me unhappy.

  2. Feb 16 2014
    New feature - Coderay

    After some behind-the-scenes drama, syntax highlighting is finnaly running!

  3. Feb 13 2014
    jQuery conventions

    Javascript (read: jQuery) was something I struggled with in my early days as it can be quite intimidating at times. Here are some of the techniques I have picked up over the years.

  4. Jan 22 2014
    Semantic classes in CSS

    After almost three years of writing CSS at a professional level I have realised something. Its really hard…

  5. Jan 19 2014
    Anthology of Interest III

    A new design came with some new (to me) ways to build. This time focusing on the tech behind the site.

  6. Dec 19 2013
    On Twenty Thirteen

    Brace yourself, its another year in review post. A look back at the emotional roller-coaster that was 2013. Enjoy!

  7. Dec 10 2013
    Accessibility basics

    There are a lot of misconceptions about making websites accessible, but with some simple thinking you can easily make your site more accessible.

  8. Dec 03 2013
    Better related posts

    Adding some customisation and flexibility to my sidebar for a better user experience.

  9. Nov 22 2013
    Dat workflow

    An interesting look through my jekyll workflow of creating a new entry ala Thug Kitchen

  10. Nov 17 2013
    Anthology of Interest II

    For this redesign, I opted with a much more modern approach to design with the majority of it being done in the browser.

  11. Nov 10 2013
    New feature – Disqus

    I hear this social media thing is going to take off…

  12. Nov 09 2013
    Three Little Words

    Three little words that are hard to say: I am done. With them they bring pain, humiliation and the certainty that the project will instantly return with 20 more bugs to address.

  13. Nov 06 2013
    A Pharaoh to Remember

    I don’t always use lorem ipsum, but when I do it’s futurama quotes.

  14. Sep 29 2013
    Anthology of Interest I

    During the design of the site, I wanted to focus two main things: typography and color.

  15. Jun 11 2013
    Double-stranded Sass

    Recently I have been reading a lot about working on large projects and the many ways of developing so that the CSS is doing more for you. To paraphrase the internet the less CSS you write, the less you need to debug. I would like to share an approach that I use in my Sass.

  16. May 14 2013
    Accessible Sprites

    Having worked on two rather big WCAG 2.0 sites in the last year, by far the hardest thing was figuring out how to get my icons showing up in high contrast mode. My go-to technique would have been using Font Awesome, but I didn’t have enough understanding of its use in accessibility to use it site-wide for a project this size. We went with ye olde’ image-based sprites for them, but with the use of Sass I have a new technique.

  17. Apr 28 2013
    Jekyll up and running

    It's not you Octopress, it's me.

    My site is now running on Jekyll after the decision to leave WordPress and databases behind. My goal was to use the awesome Octopress but alas, I failed. I took it down a notch and stuck with the engine Octopress runs off – Jekyll.

  18. Apr 18 2013
    Git around me

    I have made the move to Git, no surprise there. I have read a lot in the past few months about a “mature” web development work flow with everyone running sites locally, using version control and how bad it was “white screening” a live site. I had already made the switch (and never looked back) to pre-processing my CSS, but GitHub, the command-line (yeh… I’m on windows) and syncing databases where stopping me from going local.

  19. Sep 05 2012
    Guest post on CSS tricks

    A little challenge of creating iOS Message App using only CSS appeared on CSS tricks. Aww yiss.