Three Little Words

09 November 2013

Three little words that are hard to say: I am done. With them they bring pain, humiliation and the certainty that the project will instantly return with 20 more bugs to address.

Not even a day after launch a new update has already happened.

Three strikes and you’re out

We have a running joke at work in that we can only say we are done, or any variation of the word, on site three times. Saying so more that three times when it’s not complete will bring shame to you and your family.

Claiming we are finished also seems to curse the site and summon more bugs or worse, features from the client. There is so much to do in the final polishing stages of a build and without another set of eyes, it is easy to overlook and miss small things. This stage can feel like forever, its cliché but the last 10% is really 90%, and hey, clichés work for a reason.

The site

This site had an interesting past, looking back over two years this site has seen the following with only a splash page being produced1.

  • initial design in early 2011 shortly after starting work at Mintleaf
  • a redesign before any code had been written
  • abandoning Wordpress for Octopress
  • ditching Octopress for Jekyll
  • another design

Back in September a new design was made and shortly after code was being churned out on a new branch. The new design this time was fantastic motivation for committing myself to actually finish what I started, and two months (ish) later here we are!

There is a behind the scenes series of posts about for those interested, which details the progress and failures of the site.

It’s never really done

Websites are constantly changing and growing things. I have a lot planned for this site and look forward to implement new features and exploring Jeykll in the new future.

To the pub?

  1. for what it’s worth, that page was updated as the site developed slowly in the background

Recent posts are recent

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  2. Feb 16 2014
    New feature - Coderay
    After some behind-the-scenes drama, syntax highlighting is finnaly running!
  3. Feb 13 2014
    jQuery conventions
    Javascript (read: jQuery) was something I struggled with in my early days as it can be quite intimidating at times. Here are some of the techniques I have picked up over the years.