Jekyll up and running

28 April 2013

It's not you Octopress, it's me.

My site is now running on Jekyll after the decision to leave WordPress and databases behind. My goal was to use the awesome Octopress but alas, I failed. I took it down a notch and stuck with the engine Octopress runs off – Jekyll.

It was a very bumpy start with Git and Octopress, not sure how I managed to do it but, I broke my site bad and couldn’t get it to roll back to the previous commit. Unfortunately I spent a whole weekend trying to get Octopress up but had to write it off. I simply didn’t understand it enough with the themes and structure, then I couldn’t configure my SASS build engine to work how Octopress wanted, Windows and Ruby was getting over my head, Urgh!

So I dropped the site back down to using Jekyll, it has been a great switch so far. Giraffe v2 v4 could be upgraded to Octopress, but for now I see no reason to move. <3

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